Facts & Figures

Welcome to Lazio
a region of beauty and innovation

Lazio is the region of Rome, heart of Europe and centre of the Mediterranean area

The attractiveness of the Area – Strenghts

Lazio boasts a geopolitical position of global importance: in the heart of Europe and at the center of the Mediterranean region, a crossroad towards the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Lazio is the 2nd Italian Region for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with 186 Bn euros, contributing to 11,3% of Italian national GDP.

Lazio is the Italian Region with the highest level of specialization in manufacturing and in high-tech knowledge intensive sectors

Lazio’s share of exports in global leading sectors is twice the national average (in percentage terms 72% vs 32%).

Lazio, sectors of excellence

8 sectors of excellence with high level of research, innovation, human capital:

  1. Life Sciences & Biotech
  2. Aerospace & Space Industry
  3. Creative, Cultural & Digital Industries
  4. Tourism
  5. Audiovisual & Film Industry
  6. ICT
  7. Engineering & Automotive
  8. Agrifood

Our value propositions – Invest in Lazio: