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ASC 27

ASC27 is an innovative startup founded in 2020 in Rome that develops and sells various Artificial Intelligence solutions by combining one or more functional packages.
These packages enable the provision of tailored solutions to meet diverse client needs, spanning Text, Video, Audio, Empath, Situational AI, and more.

ASC27’s strength lies in its dedicated workforce, a team of passionate individuals integrating and applying over 300 years of combined experience. The team of ASC27 is dedicated to the continual exploration and experimentation of innovative techniques and strategies, addressing challenges both commonplace and unique. 

With a documented expertise of 20 years in the field of cybersecurity, ASC27 positions itself as the primary AI accelerator leading the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions across various sectors. 

Our products are internally developed and continuously updated and customized to meet client demands, 100% made in Italy.

ASC27 currently engages with potential clients through its commercial network, targeting sectors with the highest innovative potential.
We are expanding our reference portfolio, focusing on the advertising, retail, and publishing industries. Commercial solutions offer three alternatives: monthly subscription to services, acquisition of usage licenses, or a hybrid combination of the two.

The paramount objective of ASC27 is to provide tailored solutions to their clients’ challenges, guiding them on their path to digital transformation. 
ASC27 proudly positions itself among the forefront of market leaders, driving the AI innovation process in the fields of Cognitive Intelligence and Analytics.