Pelagos 09 – Documentaristica culturale ed ambientale

Roma, 26 febbraio - 2 marzo Documentaristica culturale ed ambientale In occasione della III Edizione del Big Blu - Rome Sea Expo, Sviluppo Lazio ha ospitato una delegazione internazionale proveniente dall’Europa e dagli Emirati Arabi Uniti rappresentativa dell’industria dell’Audiovisivo, in particolare della documentaristica culturale ed ambientale.

pelagosRoma, 26 febbraio – 2 marzo

Documentaristica culturale ed ambientale

In occasione della III Edizione del Big Blu – Rome Sea Expo, Sviluppo Lazio ha ospitato una delegazione internazionale proveniente dall’Europa e dagli Emirati Arabi Uniti rappresentativa dell’industria dell’Audiovisivo, in particolare della documentaristica culturale ed ambientale.


Pelagos – Festival Internazionale del Mare ha rappresentato l’isola culturale all’interno del Big Blu ed una occasione di incontro tra realtà internazionali di diversa provenienza.

Presso il Meeting Point della Regione Lazio / Sviluppo Lazio (Pad.2), nella mattina di venerdì 27 febbraio si è svolto il Workshop dal titolo Cooperazione Internazionale. Proposte e progetti di partnership per i prodotti della documentaristica ambientale e culturale – con l’obiettivo di scambiare “esperienze” sull’universo marino e sull’ambiente in genere, coinvolgendo nel panel dei relatori speaker nazionali ed internazionali – e, a seguire, la sessione di B2B finalizzata a favorire l’incontro tra la domanda e l’offerta di prodotti documentaristici, tecnologie, piattaforme distributive e più in generale, dei diversi contenuti digitali tra gli operatori laziali, italiani e quelli internazionali.


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The Scene Club

The Scene Club’ is UAE’s first official film club and an initiative between Dubai International Film Festival and D-Seven Motion Pictures. Its goal is to provide a monthly platform for the film industry to come together and celebrate independent films. The club is the brainchild of Nayla Al Khaja, a well-known UAE National filmmaker. Her previous work has included the acclaimed short film ‘Arabana’. After presenting the idea of a film club to DIFF, the festival endorsed the initiative and Nayla now hosts the monthly event with management support from the D-Seven team. To make sure that the club develops positively, the goal is to build a positive and forward-thinking relationship with DIFF, guests, the media and sponsors in order to enhance the growth of the club. Described as ‘Your UAE Film Network’, ‘The Scene Club’ under the patronage of Dubai International Film Festival also proudly partners with Al Qasba and Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.


D – Seven Motion Pictures

D-Seven is a Dubai based film production, that is dedicated to create top notch visual products. Venturing out into the fields of TV commercials, documentaries and feature films, D-Seven is a pool of creative, dedicated and talented filmakers.


Emirates Photography Competition

An annual competition organised by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage aiming to develop the photographic movement in the UAE by attracting the largest possible number of photographers, encouraging amateurs and supporting professionals, establishing specialised workshops, meetings and seminars, holding personal and group exhibitions, inside the UAE and abroad, buying and selling photographs of the competition’s participants.


Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture & Heritage

The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) is the institution in charge of conserving and promoting the heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi. Established in 2005 as an authority of the Government of Abu Dhabi, ADACH is an organisation with far-sighted aspirations – to harness the pride of the people of the UAE through the development of its cultural heritage, and to be the leading cultural development organisation in the region. Internationally it is contributing to the strengthening of intercultural dialogue and the appreciation of different cultures by developing projects that encourage the sharing of cultural traditions and experience.


Sharjah Aquarium

With over 250 species there is so much to see from the smallest clown fish and delicate seahorses to moray eels, rays and reef sharks. Take a journey underwater and discover everything from the larger ocean creatures to the smaller marine life to be found in the rock pools, coral reefs, lagoons and mangroves.


Dubai Studio City 

Freezone for broadcast, film, television and music production. DSC will be an ultra modern facility integrating every component of content production & broadcast under one roof. Spread across 22 million sq.ft., it will include production, post-production, broadcast, equipment rental, free-lancers, commercial offices, business centre and satellite facilities among others. It will also have residential areas, hotels, an entertainment centre, film schools and training institutes.


ITP Publishing Group

ITP’s business is made up of six operational divisions: ITP Business Publishing, ITP Consumer Publishing, ITP Customer Publishing, ITP Digital Publishing, ITP Executive Publishing and ITP Lifestyle Publishing. The company publishes more than 80 weekly and monthly magazines and directories and has a range of fast growing digital properties. ITP organises more than 40 business and consumer events and conferences in the Middle East each year. The company employs over 600 staff based in Dubai, Manama (Bahrain) and Mumbai (India). The ITP Group has active, staff-led community participation programs that aim to support a wide range of causes across the region with a mixture of staff involvement projects, direct charitable donations and initiatives that aim to have a positive environmental impact.


 Off The Fence

Established in 1994, Off the Fence is an independent television distribution and production company, specialising in non-fiction programming for the international marketplace.
Off the Fence creates and markets programming with a focus on high quality, integrity and innovation. The OTF catalogue contains over 1200 hours of natural history, science, health, adventure, history and social documentaries.
We also develop, finance, produce and co-produce international non-fiction programmes. This has resulted in over 200 hours of produced and co-produced programmes in the past four years. As well as developing films in house, we work hands-on with established production companies and talented newcomers to create internationally marketable specials and series.
As a result of this impressive production output, March 2005 saw the launch of OTF’s UK production company based in Bristol, home to many of the world’s best production talent. Production offices were also recently opened by OTF in Cape Town and Singapore, as an increasing part of the company’s co-production output is created by production companies and independent filmmakers in these regions.
The company co-produces with broadcasters such as Animal Planet, National Geographic, BBC, Discovery, Voom, NHK, France 5, France 3, Arte, Canal Plus, BR, ZDF and NDR.