Start your Energy Revolution

Applications closed on:
July 28, 2022 at 12:00 PM


Our lives increasingly rely on digital technologies. Digitization is an inevitable process, driven by increasing volumes of data, advances in our ability to analyse data, and greater connectivity. The energy sector is no different, with digitization changing both the way energy is supplied and consumed. Through this call for innovation, we want to connect with energy innovators that will create the next energy era.

How to participate

If you are an innovative startup or SME developing innovative solutions and technologies, please fill out the application form of the present landing page, clicking on the “Apply Now” button.
A description of your startup / SME and supportive documents are warmly recommended and can be enclosed to the form.

Who can apply

Innovative startup and SMEs

TRL: market ready.
Preferably from Italia/Europa/Israel.


The Challenge Start your Energy Revolution focuses on the new digital and sustainable frontier for building heating; specifically, it focuses on smart heat management and how to help private citizens to become energy managers of their homes.


Focus Areas

Focus areas

Seaside and Italgas are looking for innovative solutions in the following areas:

  • Leveraging of IOT and data to reduce the centralized boiler’s consumption (ex. Machine Learning, Digital Twin, etc.);
  • Digitization of heat management processes in medium-large condominiums;
  • New renewables and energy harvesting;
  • Engagement and gamification to encourage and increase the awareness and proactivity of condominiums;
  • New business models for the zeroing of tenant’s investment and to share the related saving between the tenant and ESCOs.


Phase 1
Selection process
All Innovative Solution Proposals received by the deadline will be evaluated by an Advisory Board and selected for the mentorship.
Phase 2
The mentorship program consists of four digital meetings on a weekly basis where selected applicants will work with Italgas, Seaside and Lazio Innova experts to improve and fine-tune their Innovative Solution Proposals.
Phase 3
Innovation day and awarding ceremony
At the end of the mentorship phase, Innovative Solution Proposals will be presented during a pitching session. An Advisory Board will evaluate the solutions and the best three solutions will be awarded during the Italgas/Seaside Innovation Day.
Phase 4
The co-design phase closes the challenge. It is a three-day online program dedicated to the awarded solutions during which finalists will work on the definition of the Proof of Concepts (PoCs) with the support of Seaside, Italgas and Lazio Innova experts.
At the end of the co-design phase, Seaside and Italgas will evaluate the opportunity of establishing either commercial or technological partnerships.

What we offer

Lazio Innova offers:
20.000€ cash prize for the best solution

Specialized services provided by Lazio Innova Spazio Attivo
Seaside and Italgas offer:
10.000€ cash prize

POC as follow on.

Equity investments and networking activities with companies of the group and external partners will be evaluated.



Jun, the 10th: call opening

Jul, the 20th: call closing

Sep: mentorship

End of Oct: innovation day

Nov: co-design